23 July 2015

A Certain Kind....

It takes a certain kind of person who would drive two hours to get to the spot desired.
A certain kind of person who would brave the cold and the winds just to get to the destination.
One who is not deterred by steep steps and slopes.
One who is not held back by rules and regulations.

Indeed, one who would go where it is forbidden to go - into the caves and caverns which could collapse from the weight of melting snow.
One who would go further when others have turned back - just to touch a real glacier.
One who would think of the consequences - and yet still be willing to pay the price.

What a person this is.
He will get the job done.
She will be frustrated when obstacles don't shift.
He will be adamant it can be done, even when others begin to doubt.
She will insist that it is doable, even if others are persuaded otherwise.

Who is this person?

The High D. Tinged with C.... Projects. Driven. Pioneering. Dogmatic.

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