6 April 2017

Observing "OCD"-ly

A high "C" looking at this photo below would probably complain firstly of the shape and layout of the photo - it's rectangular and the contents are not placed proportionately. 
Then a closer examination, if at all the high "C" decides to continue looking at this potentially offensive picture, the person would notice that the binding combs are just a little "out" Yes a confession would be extracted from the perpetrator - some combs are bigger than others!

28 December 2016


There are many apps which allow image editing. 

They enable the user to turn a casual, common image into something personal, into something meaningful.

However, when someone takes half an hour just to position to words "Birthday Blessings!!" in the right place for this image, you know the person is both particular and much into detail.

I kid you not. Half an hour.....

28 October 2015

Twist and Turn

I had a visitor. Someone I hadn't seen for decades. Literally so. 

After dinner, she insists on teaching me something. The robust growth of pandan leaves in my garden had caught her eye. She went out, cut off some of the leaves and showed me with twists and turns how to make a rose. 

My friend is obviously someone who wont take No for an answer. She is also someone with an eye for detail. Interesting. I am tempted to profile her.....

9 September 2015

Uniquely You

I just love doing training and facilitating the DiSC! It's my aim to make learning fun, and having fun activities a great way to illustrate a point. 

Like this for instance. I had a small group for a change. I did my usual introduction and led them to an activity.

I was fascinated to see how this turned out. Four totally different types of paperwork. 

And that is why I had entitled my short talk "Uniquely You" also known as "Who do you think you are?"

23 July 2015

A Certain Kind....

It takes a certain kind of person who would drive two hours to get to the spot desired.
A certain kind of person who would brave the cold and the winds just to get to the destination.
One who is not deterred by steep steps and slopes.
One who is not held back by rules and regulations.

Indeed, one who would go where it is forbidden to go - into the caves and caverns which could collapse from the weight of melting snow.
One who would go further when others have turned back - just to touch a real glacier.
One who would think of the consequences - and yet still be willing to pay the price.

What a person this is.
He will get the job done.
She will be frustrated when obstacles don't shift.
He will be adamant it can be done, even when others begin to doubt.
She will insist that it is doable, even if others are persuaded otherwise.

Who is this person?

The High D. Tinged with C.... Projects. Driven. Pioneering. Dogmatic.

16 October 2014


No matter what the personality profile, if one doesn't want to adapt, one will find one alienating someone else sooner or later. This is because whatever one's profile is, one will always find someone else the opposite.

1 June 2014

Determined D

A challenge. 

A test.

A personal one too.

Supernatural healing? Let's prove it. Let's go the the gym
And so it was. The determined D did so... as proof for the high C. Classic "project-fueled" event!